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Providence: Once Upon a Second Chance Pdf

3.92 • 336 votes • 49 reviews
Published 01 Aug 2007
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Format Paperback
Publisher David C. Cook
ISBN 0781445647

Providence: Once Upon a Second Chance Book Description

Providence: Once Upon a Second Chance Book by "Chris Coppernoll" gets rating 3.92 of 5 which means good grades. Carefully read the review and description below for reference. find also other interesting ebooks in the box below.

More than twenty years ago a drunk driver shattered Jack Clayton’s family. Angry, confused and as naïve as any college freshman, he trades his small Midwestern town for another, only to find that it too is too small to contain his dreams. Or is it? Now an instrumental part of the Campus Missions Office and a New York Times Bestselling author, he makes his home in that very college town, where the past and “the one that got away” relentlessly haunt him and the future becomes increasingly uncertain thanks to a big city reporter with a malicious agenda.
Will he have to walk away from the ministry that he spent decades building? Or can he find a way to confront the rumors and set the record straight? In a race against the clock, Jack throws caution to the wind and finds that even he may deserve a second chance.

"Providence: Once Upon a Second Chance" Pdf Reviews

- Fontana, CA
Sat, 09 Mar 2013

How Christian fiction ought to be. I loved this romance written by a man (gotta love that perspective). One of my favorite features in the book was how Coppernoll used lyrics from music of the 80s as opening lines to his chapters and as a playlist for the story.
Even though he borrowed lines from song writers to augment his story, there were so many of his own lines that just sang to me. Here are some of the lines I highlighted throughout the book.
We’d gotten used to the steps of three dancers when Dad left, but with only the two of us left, we didn’t know how to move. We lost the rhythm.
My life had been dipped in liquid uncertainty, and I’d come up dripping with it.
Yet here I was, a forty-year-old man who’d learned to take the love he had for one woman and break it into a thousand pieces to give away to the poor.
She entered my life unannounced, but over the next few years, she would overturn every stone I was.
By then it seemed late, the way long days get heavy around 10:00 p.m.
I watched Marianne from the other side of the white-linen tablecloth, our plates full of unfamiliar foods. Our conversation full of unfamiliar words.
Maybe we both had to be pulled for twenty years through a too-narrow passage to shape our hearts into the people we were now.
He was shaking off my words, letting them fall into the crazy bin.
This was where I wanted to be forever, wrapped around Jenny, wrapped around hope.

Mon, 02 Jan 2012

If this book were ever made into a movie, it would have an awesome 80s soundtrack. As it is, it's a richly textured romance about Jack, a simple man who's thrust into the spotlight after he writes a bestselling book about his mission work in the inner city. He returns to the college town where he abandoned his one true love and finds a devious reporter out to smear his name. The characters, especially Jack and Jenny, have real depth and you find yourself wishing you could spend more time with them. The cynical reporter is a bit of a stock character, though, but the gently romantic plot moves you just the same.

- Topeka, KS
Sat, 05 Mar 2011

This haunting story of a man who must deal with his past moves slowly but packs a powerful punch. Jack has become famous for the book he wrote about his ministry--but the demands of his publisher for him to write another book have him less than thrilled. This is because the new book has him looking at a subject he has avoided for many years--the painful events of his past and his part in pushing away those that loved him. Despite Jack's efforts to stop it, it seems God wants him to deal with his past, so he is soon contacting old friends and writing about events that are painful to him. Along the way he learnes some very powerful lessons about God's providence.[return]This introspective novel was memorable for the inner struggles of the main character and the unresolved romantic relationship that the reader hopes ends happily. Great read for a time when you want to savor a story.

Fri, 14 Mar 2014

Dealing with concepts of self discovery, compassion, forgiveness, and love, this book takes the reader in a journey spanning 20 years of the main character's life. The author presents the past and present paralleled in a flowing style. Each chapter is begun with a line of a song, lyrics that typified the generation of the 80s. While the book has a Christian message undergirding the theme, it is neither presented as a quick fix to the problem or poorly written. The story concerns a man who has struggled to find his place in life and has used his resources to create positive change in a poverty stricken community through education and other agencies. After the story ends, the names and contact information for several legitimate groups are given so that the reader can explore ways to become an agent of societal change through education, health, and support of the underprivileged. Altogether, the book is interesting and worth the time spent reading so I recommend it.

- Nairobi, 05, Kenya
Sat, 27 Jul 2013

When I picked this book off amazon, I didn't expect it to be this massive an influence.
Right off the bat, I was intrigued and stayed intrigued for the next few hours till I finished it.
Jack Clayton is fresh off his latest best selling novel, when his publisher pushes him for another one; his memoir.
He is hesitant to write it as it will mean digging up past memories, but providence places him on that path. As situations begin stacking themselves one by one, drawing him towards dealing w/ the past and healing old wounds while nursing a lost love, Jack begins to see things differently.
Written in two eras, this was one awesome read, to say the least. Highly recommended if you love yourself some good old fashioned love story laced w/ redemption.

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