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Creature Teacher (Goosebumps Series 2000, #3)

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Published 01 Mar 1998
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Format Paperback
Publisher Apple
ISBN 0590399896

She's not going to give you detention. She's not going to give you a bad grade. She's going to eat you! Welcome to a new millennium of fear--2,000 times the scares! Visit the "Goosebumps" web site: (http: //

"Creature Teacher (Goosebumps Series 2000, #3)" Reviews

- Elburn, IL
Sat, 10 Dec 2016

Being shipped off to boarding school is never a good omen in a Goosebumps book. With your parents out of the picture, who's left to defend you if a monster comes calling? Twelve-year-old Paul Perez finds himself in just that predicament when he gets in trouble one too many times at his public school. His straight-laced parents have had enough, and they use their connections to gain him admittance to the Caring Academy, a prosperous private school in New England where Paul can build toward his future without the distractions of public education. Paul doesn't want to go, but his objection would be much more urgent if he knew what awaits him there...
Paul makes a pair of friends quickly, Celeste Majors and Molly Bagby, but his first encounter with his teacher erases any doubt that enrolling in the Caring Academy was a calamitous mistake. Mrs. Maaargh is huge and grotesque, and her slimy bare feet squish and squelch on the classroom floor. She doesn't try to hide the fact that she's a monster from the kids, keeping a food-chain chart at the front of the room and moving their names up and down on it depending on their behavior and achievements. The bottom student in the food chain when the school session ends will become a meal for Mrs. Maaargh. After Paul's class clown routine gets on her nerves right away, he knows he's doomed if he can't escape from the Caring Academy.
"What do you do after your last chance is gone?"
Creature Teacher, P. 106
Phones are off-limits to students except on holidays, the faculty scoff at any claim that one of the teachers is a monster, and the only breakout attempted—by Molly—ended with Mrs. Maaargh dragging her back inside the school and dropping her name to the bottom of the food chain. After badmouthing Mrs. Maaargh to a boy he didn't realize was her son, Paul figures his only shot to avoid being the teacher's prey is to put in a spectacular performance at the class talent show. Paul's a witty kid, and he can do impressive balloon animals...will that be enough to save him? Can anything keep Paul off Mrs. Maaargh's monstrous menu?
"But there is always one last chance—right?"
Creature Teacher, P. 107
R.L. Stine has written deeper stories than Creature Teacher, with much more surprising twists and turns, but this is a serviceable juvenile horror novel. Goosebumps books set at boarding school have a distinctive feel, with young characters whose parents aren't around so they have to learn to rescue themselves, and that can make for compelling drama. I'd give Creature Teacher one and a half stars. If you're a diehard Goosebumps fan, check it out.

Mon, 29 Jan 2018

به یاد ایام نوجوانی این سری جدیدو دارم میخونم و هنوزم از سادگی نوشتارش و هیجان ظریفش لذت میبرم.
پسر داستان ما میتونه با کمک بچه هیولا راهی پیدا کنه تا خودشو از دست هیولا نجات بده و همونطور که از وسطای داستان میشه حدس زد بچه آدمیزاده که در اصل اونو توی دردسر میندازه اما بچه هیولا کمکش میکنه.
داستان های آر ال استاین آخرشون یک شوک بامزه دارن و در این کتاب هم گرسنگی بچه هیولا در انتهای کتاب ازون طنزاست.

- The United Kingdom
Tue, 07 Oct 2014

Paul Perez is a mischievous boy who gets ex luded from school and is sent to boarding school. At first he thinks his new class mates are playing a prank on him when they tell him to leave the school the teacher is a monster. The teacher Mrs Aaargh is a monster who tells Paul she eats the worst performing student. Trying to stay away from the bottom of the list is proving difficult with someone trying to sabotage him. His balloons for the school talent show had holes in them and his science project was tampered with. Paul finds an unlikely ally in Mrs Aaargh’s son Marv who tells him if you can make her laugh she falls into a coma for six months. Trapped under the school stage the worst performing student is about to be the monsters lunch Paul reaches down and tickles her feet. The book ends with Marv saying he is hungry.
Creature Teacher is part of the Goosebumps series. Very engaging and appropriately challenging for 7 year olds and above. Straightforward writing and good range of vocabulary it is ideal wider reading for children interested in the horror genre. There is also a television series that loosely follows the books which could help children with EAL understand the concept better.

Wed, 11 Jul 2012

Coming from a Goosebumps, this was surprisingly bad. Like, R.L. didn't even try to make it scary. This whole book is like a weird dream you have and suddenly you wake up and notice this cannot possibly EVER happen.
This is so unmemorable that I can't remember the plot. I know a kid is at this new boarding school called the Caring Academy where he has a teacher (her name was like Mrs. Growl or something) who was a monster and planned to eat her students if they didn't do well in her class. The kid, along with his new friends, try to escape but the academy is heavily guarded. The principal doesn't believe the kids' story and now they might have to be eaten by the teacher. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
From the plot, I think you can tell where this is going. It's terrible. The main character tries to be all funny and stuff but he's not. This story is just so unrealistic and actually seems to be bad and amateur. I'm even bewaring Goosebumps fans like me to not read it. This "Goosebumps 2000" series is all a big piece of crap. They promise "2000 times the scare" when it's really just no effort and not even scary. Two thumbs down.

- Switzerland
Fri, 17 Oct 2014

Paul n'est pas un très bon élève et se fait inscrire par ses parents dans un internat très strict. Ce qu'il ne sait pas encore, c'est que sa prof n'est pas une prof normale, c'est un monstre qui mange ses élèves, Paul est en danger.
Bon, je veux bien que c'est un livre pour les enfants, mais celui-là, je l'ai trouvé un peu plus ridicule que les autres ! Surtout la chute, non mais non quoi ! Et ces parents... Mais c'est des irresponsables !! Les parents de Paul, ça passe encore, mais ils n'ont pas de famille les autres ou bien ? Hahaha, bon, ça fait peut-être un peu peur à des enfants qui vont à l'école, je ne sais pas, mais je trouve l'histoire très répétitive, tout se passe autour d'un seul et unique événement, on sait dès le début ce qui va se passer, à part pour la chute finale qui est très ridicule ! Bref, pas le premierChair de Poule que je conseillerais ! Bon, celui-là, je ne l'avais pas lu enfant, ça change peut-être, je ne sais pas... Mais bof bof en tout cas.

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