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Benny and Penny in The Big No-No!

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Published 01 May 2009
Benny and Penny in The Big No-No!.pdf
Format Hardcover
Publisher TOON Books
ISBN 0979923891

The Theodor Seuss Geisel Award Winner 
In this Theodor Seuss Geisel Award Winner Benny and his sister Penny know it’s wrong to sneak into someone else’s backyard but their mysterious new neighbor – or is it a monster? – may be a thief. They go snooping and discover a lot about themselves and…a new friend.
Bestselling children’s artist Geoffrey Hayes enchants early readers with his charming and subtle storytelling. In this lively caper, the artist’s small-scale ice take on a large-scale issues with enormous comics mastery.

"Benny and Penny in The Big No-No!" Reviews

- UAE, The United Arab Emirates
Mon, 30 Oct 2017

Very good for kids..

- 67037-204
Sun, 22 Oct 2017

I was going to read this aloud to my younger kids, but decided to pre-read it first which I'm glad I did. I wasn't pleased with the behaviors and language of the characters.

- Hayes, VA
Sat, 28 Sep 2013

This is a story about two mice siblings and their curiosity. They have discovered that there is a new neighbor and they cannot wait to find out who they are. When Benny realizes he can't find his pal he assumes that the new kid stole it. They know they should not go over the fence because it is a Big No-No! but they do it anyway. When the climb the fence they discover more about themselves than what happened to his pal. This book could be used in a classroom to teach children how they should handle a emotional situation. The characters become angry, hurt, remorseful, thankful, and scared and through them the children can learn how to deal with these emotions. It is also a good book to teach about making new friends. The illustrations of this book are done in a comic book way. The pictures look to me to be drawn using colored pencils and the illustrator does a good job of capturing the characters emotions. I enjoyed this book, but not as much as others. The illustrations were nice but I am not a big fan of the comic book images.

- The United States
Tue, 24 Sep 2013

Title / Author / Publication Date:
Benny and Penny in the big no-no! / Geoffrey Hayes. / 2009.
Genre: Fiction: Humor.
Format: Graphic novel - print.
Plot summary:
"Two mice meet their new neighbor and discover that she is not as scary as they feared" (MCPL).
Considerations or precautions for readers advisory:
friendship, apologizing, misunderstandings
Review citation:
"Thought bubbles and dynamic expressions make the simple story come to life; early readers will easily identify the emotional states of the three characters and predict the playful outcomes" (Publishers Weekly).
Section source used to find the material:
Best Books for Children: Preschool through Grade 6 (9th Ed.)
ALSC: (Theodor Seuss) Geisel Awards (2010 Award Winner)
Recommended age: Ages 4 - 8.

- Columbus, OH
Sun, 19 Sep 2010

I think I really am starting to like the sweetness of the super cutesy little fuzzy-wummikins, er, animals contrasted with the bright sharpness of their expressions in this pretty simple graphic novel picture book. The story manages to avoid being too moralistic by adding in all the humour and having lots of physical play between the characters. It's a very nice little story but doesn't have the super simplified language of an easy reader. Not that it'd be a difficult read, it's just a little bit longer and less repetitive than some examples I've seen for younger children.

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