Wrapped Around Your Finger (Bound to You, #1) Book Pdf ePub

Wrapped Around Your Finger (Bound to You, #1) Pdf

3.66 • 352 votes • 46 reviews
Published 19 Nov 2010
Wrapped Around Your Finger (Bound to You, #1).pdf
Format ebook
Publisher Ellora's Cave
ISBN 1419931318

Wrapped Around Your Finger (Bound to You, #1) Book Description

Wrapped Around Your Finger (Bound to You, #1) Book by "Fallon Blake" gets rating 3.66 of 5 which means good grades. Carefully read the review and description below for reference. find also other interesting ebooks in the box below.

Plus-sized fetish model and aspiring chef Indigo Hartley has plenty of tattoos and a fiery attitude to match. When she's offered a job as a sushi model for one of Miami's trendiest restaurants, she jumps at the chance. Little does this country-mouse-turned-city-vixen know that what starts out as a modeling job will end up the answer to all of her kinkiest fantasies. Three days serving as a sub to this hot chef is too tempting an offer to refuse.
Banner Faust has worked his ass off and sacrificed his love life to become a rock star in the culinary world. On what should be the biggest night of his career, he realizes something is missing from his life-the submissive woman he's always craved. The curvy new model with the blue-streaked hair and innate submissive nature just might be the one he's been waiting for. And when he gets her home-and in his bed-he soon realizes three days will never be enough.

"Wrapped Around Your Finger (Bound to You, #1)" Pdf Reviews

Wed, 20 Jun 2012

I decided to read this based upon the review of a friend. It was a really nice change from the previous BDSM books I had read. I think what I liked most is how normal it all seemed. Banner was a Dom but like he said not an asshole, he wanted someone to share his life with in every way and his "kink" was just one of them. Indie had real fears about herself and had always been curious about the Dom/Sub world but never found the right one to trust enough to make her feel safe until she was laid out and plated with poisonous blow fish by Banner.
I feel that this was a sweet book actually, odd to say about a BDSM but it was the first one for me that I didn't feel a shred of Catholic guilt for reading. The relationship between Banner and Indigo was one of mutual respect, pleasure and companionship. I never felt once that Banner was Mr. Alpha Male "I want to control everything little aspect of your life because I am a Dom and you will do as I bid because you are my Sub" instead I got that he wanted to share his world with a woman, not control her. From the beginning when he said she was free to speak I realized just how different this book would be. Did he introduce her to a new lifestyle? Yes. Did he push her limits and what she thought she could handle? Definitely? Did he ever treat her in a way that could/would borderline on abusive? NEVER!
I also loved that Indigo was a plus size model (not the perfect slim and slender that we traditionally read) with her rockabilly/pin up style. I thought it added to the story as well the conversation about their background stories; it made them in to people and not some stereotypical characters.

- The United Kingdom
Thu, 06 Jan 2011

Spending three days as a submissive to a sexy chef in his beautiful secluded house is the offer fetish Model Indigo is given while working as a sushi model and feeling that draw of chemistry she accepts.
I loved Wrapped around your Finger by Fallon Blake. It delivers everything you want in an erotic novella. Engaging unique characters, great dialogue and a whole barrage of hotness to keep the pages turning.
Indigo is not your typical heroine, she was a fuller figured girl, and happy with her body, which i loved, she has the most awesome body ink and blue hair, i always wanted blue hair, so i loved her! (heh)
Banner in a word is devine. His whole subtle dominant demeanour draws you in and he held my attention throughout, i loved the erotic play between him and Indigo, how he took her from her comfort zone and presented her with new situations, and their chemistry was just sizzling. Ms Blake knows good erotica! I was transfixed and would have happily read 100 more pages of these characters.
If you're looking for a quick yet highly enjoyable sexy read, then this is the book for you. Reading so much, it's hard to find authors with a stand out voice, ones that will stay with you, but i know Fallon Blake will, with her unique spin on her characters, the fun erotic story and very entertaining page turner, makes me excited to read more from this author.
Sidenote: There was also a sub/dom house Banner took Indigo to, im hoping that appears in future books!

Stacia (the 2010 club)
- The United States
Wed, 20 Jun 2012

Adult review for erotic content. Cheesy cover does not reflect upon content of book itself.
4 plus stars. This is too short to earn a coveted (yes, books do so happen to covet my approval) 5 star rating but I will say that this is probably one of the better erotic short stories I've read, considering there wasn't a ton of time to expand on the characters themselves.
These are words I want to see in relation to BDSM :
Forget Safe, Sane and Consensual. I really would rather the standard be the three words listed above. Submission does not have to equate to a loss of one's person.
Submission is an intriguing concept to me. So much focus in books is often put on the sub and how they need to learn to trust but to me it's also important to find a Dom who is just as much invested in their partner's pleasure as they are in satisfying their own fetishes. To me, the ultimate draw of BSDM is the demonstration of two people coming together to explore what make them tick. It's not about one person having complete control over another, which can often be how Doms (or even alpha males) in books are portrayed.

She happened to like her men a little rough around the edges with a take-charge personality. Tragically, most men seemed to think asshole was included somewhere in that description.

I think a few authors could stand to take that statement to heart. Wrapped was about two people exploring a mutual attraction inside of the privacy of the world they made for themselves, not unlike two mainstream people exploring an attraction out in the dating world. There was not an overly intimidating storyline, nor were there crazy plot antics trying to draw us into a stylized version of BDSM. I respected that.
Indie is an aspiring chef who is working as a plus-size model and Banner (I didn't pick the names) is an already established (and somewhat famous) chef who met Indie through a job she took as a nude model used for the purpose of displaying sushi for restaurant patrons to sample. Sparks fly while Banner sets up a display on Indie. When he's finished working he presents her with an interesting offer : stay with him for 3 days and be his submissive.
As she's pondering this over, the customers arrive, an ex-boyfriend causes trouble, and we see that Banner has a protective nature. Of course, this has her intrigued and the story takes off from there.
This little romp was fast, fun, sexy and interesting. I smiled at the scene where Indie gets even with the trouble-making ex. I appreciated the pacing for a short and the ending left me satisfied. All in all, it was a nice little read.

Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker
- Elk Grove, CA
Tue, 16 Nov 2010

Badass Hidden Gem..
I LOVED this story. Did you hear that? THE STORY. Yup, this is erotica and there is an actual story in here.
The characters-
Indigo and Banner.
Indigo is a fetish model. She is plus sized, and covered with tattoos. She dresses in the 50's era style clothing and has streaks of color in her normally jet black hair. Indigo wants you to believe that she is okay with how she doesn't fit in with mainstream society. However, the author creatively drops hints in the beginning that Indigo might be more insecure than she is initially admitting.
Oh Banner, yummie, yummie Banner. He's a chef, and a hard-working, no playing, young creative chef. He immediately is attracted to Indigo and everything Indigo represents.
The Story.
Indigo doesn't understand why Banner wants her. He can have anyone and has everything to offer to this "ideal woman". Banner, on the other hand, not only adores Indigo's looks but also her fiery personality. He's tired of the waif thin, drab, blank canvas type models. In Banner's mind, Indigo is everything the other models are not. While initially just wanting a 3-night stand with Indigo, he quickly realizes that he wants more. To get more from Indigo, Banner knows that he'll have to break down Indigo's walls (her insecurity) and help Indigo discover why she is hiding her true self.
But wait, where is the sex?
Yes, I know this is an erotica. Not only is it an erotica but it is a BDSM (mild). So, why haven't I talked about the sex? Well, of course the sex is good. If the author manages to write an incredible loving story in an erotica novella in less than 100 pages, of course she is fully capable of some very hot steamy sex scenes. Don't worry, not only does she write some really good sex scenes, I'll never, ever be able to buy ginger without thinking about this book.
I cannot wait for Fallon Blake to write a full-length novel. She is good. Her characters are so well written. The story flows perfectly and her sex scenes are scorching.

- Irving, TX
Tue, 26 Apr 2011

I'm going to be 100% honest here: I picked this book because of the cover. I have tattoos and it's not often enough you see a heroine with a unique style or flare. That said, I don't have any experience with bondage, so I have no scale by which to judge the subject matter. The story, however, is great. I'll admit that when the heroine turned out to be a country-girl-gone-city-rockabilly my heart had a happy pitterpatter moment. Wrote the book for me, huh? Anyways, on to saying stuff worth reading!
The heroine is a fetish model, and on the curvy side. She shows up for a gig and learns that she wasn't what they wanted - but exactly what the boss man, aka the Hero wanted. I loved the beginning, how Indigo was used as a human platter and the platter/chef relationship mirrors their sub/dom relationship later. Most of the story takes place within the confines of the hero's home where he alternately strips away her barriers and builds her sexual experience higher. I thought the character journey was a little one sided. Indigo goes through a lot to accept their relationship while Banner has the end of the story to learn something, but it still sizzled up my poor little ereader with how hot it was.

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