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Tiger Time (Alaskan Tigers, #1)

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Published 21 Nov 2012
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Sunshine Press

Tabitha Leigh has no idea her life is about to change. Until now, she’s been living a quiet life, unaware danger stalks her.
Ty Reynolds has been watching Tabitha from a distance to see if she would go through “the change.” When she finally does, he sees more in her than just the future of their kind. Now that she is embracing her were-tiger, he must tell her she is the Queen of the Tiger . . . with a bounty on her head.
Tabitha must be protected at all cost. She has to embrace her future and her mate or it will be the end of everything she’s just come to know and hadn’t realized she needed.

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Tue, 24 Sep 2013

Honestly, when I read all of the other reviews for this book I thought I was in for a good read. It does have a plot, if you call a bluntly told "this is what she is, he wants her dead, he wants her alive, and she won't freak out at all" a plot. There was no suspense, the action at the end was robotic, and the fact she would only question what was happening for five paragraphs before agreeing with whatever was going on...kinda made me a little frustrated. It was mostly dialogue as well, and while I know dialogue is needed(I even like it a lot lol) I think a good mix of disruption+dialogue+keeping things hidden and leaving the reader in suspense; is what makes a good book. When ever something would happen to make a question it was answered right away. An example is when the lead male calls for other male to help protect the lead female.in one page this happens: she thinks he doesn't want her. He sees she is not happy. He asks, then demands to know (in a begging way mind you) what is wrong. She tells him. He tells her shes wrong. She believes him. No drama, no doubt, and no pleading the case on why she thought that. And the sexual scenes were describe as"hot" in a few reviews. They are tepid, one, maybe two pagers. A kiss, fondle, touch, get nekked...
And the next morning is saying hi. No details, or love words, or interruptions. While the sexual scenes aren't what brought me to the book (the fact it is a shifter book is what caught my attention, and the reviews drew me in) the fact it is a shifter Romance book means it should have more romance than it does...in short, I was not satisfied or happy with a nice relaxing read. More like so frustrated I had to find two other books before I could sleep. The only plus is it was only $2, so I didn't waste money.

Lyndi W.
Wed, 11 Jul 2018

Terrible writing.

Thu, 21 Jul 2016

Title: Tiger Time
Series: Alaskan Tigers Book 1
Note: Book 1, not a standalone book, does end as a cliff hanger
Author: Marissa Dobson
This is my review of Tiger Time. I got this first book in the series free through its normal set price. This is the beginning of a great set. Be warned though you will not want to stop with just this one book and I now have all the rest on my TBR list.
Tabitha Leigh is an ex foster kid who is trying to eek out a living. With a crappy apartment, crappy job, and only one friend she is not happy. She feels the yearning of the cold, of Alaska, a place she has never been. She has been sick, exhausted and running a major fever for a long time and nothing helps.
Ty Renolds, the Alpha of the Alaskan Tigers has been watching over Tabitha. As a half breed they are not sure if, or when, she will transform but it is vital that if she does he is there. If Tabby finds her tiger she will be one of the most powerful tiger shifters out there, descended from royalty, a Queen, and his life mate. People want to kill her because of who and what she is. Ty has to help her through the change and back to her people in Alaska where they can begin to explain the mystery of who she is and how she will work on uniting all of the tigers together.
I highly enjoyed this book because i don't always get to see a lot of tiger shifter books. We get to see Ty and other tigers change in this book, as well as a wolf, but we don't get to see Tabitha go through her change but we know it is coming. I can't wait to see if she is the color they expect her to be. This was a pretty short book in my opinion but it does well to get you hooked into the series and that's what a free starter book is supposed to do. The writing could have dealt with more edits, a cliffhanger warning, as well as a bit more storyline on how a foster kid suddenly was able to act like a queen.

- Porirua, G2, New Zealand
Thu, 15 Aug 2013

Oh dear , I wanted to like this book and I am pretty tolerant of writing styles . But arghhhhhhh . Could not get past the third chapter. It was like reading the back of the cereal packet if it was attempting to be a paranormal romance .... Sorry
Not sure how it got such good reviews .....

- Norwich, I9, The United Kingdom
Wed, 29 Aug 2018

Love can help you adapt to anything.
This is the first of the Alaskan Tigers book where the alpha Ty finds Tabby the Queen of all Tigers just before she changes for the first time. Tabby is very headstrong and use to being independent so expect some good discussions in the future as Ty is use to being in charge and having his orders followed without question. A really great opening book of the series.

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