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Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health, and Creativity

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Published 12 Dec 2013
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Packing Lust

From Reader's Choice Award-winning author Genevieve Parker Hill comes a fresh new minimalism guide for everyone. If your garage, attic, closets, and surfaces are filled with clutter, all that extra stuff can get in the way of a full experience of life as it was meant to be lived. Minimalist Living covers not only techniques for decluttering, but how to fill your newfound space with meaningful activities that add joy to your life and support your goals.
This guide to simplifying for health, joy, and creativity teaches:
• Why you should define your own sense of minimalism
• How to create your "Minimalist Mission Statement"
• How to use the techniques of "blazing" and "gazing" to declutter
• Why decluttering now can lead to a happier, healthier, and more creative life
• How to deal with sentimental items without losing their meaning
• The amazing connection between minimalism and living your soul's deepest purpose
And much more...

"Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health, and Creativity" Reviews

- The United States
Sun, 04 Jan 2015

I keep coming back to this little book over and over again. Not so much a 'how too' as a "why" type book. IT makes me rethink my home, my posessions, my life style in a really thoughtful and thought provoking way. It's done more for me and my home in a short time than any 'step by step' type guide has ever done. Nothing like finding the exact thing you need for you life at the exact right time.

- The United States
Wed, 08 Nov 2017

While I am not ever going to be a minimalist, this book: Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health and Creativity, gave me the push I needed to weed out at least some of the accumulation. I like the way she has in giving ideas and suggestions. Offering ways and more help if you are needing another bit of encouragement to keep going. There are sections I went back and reread when I hit a rough path in my clearing, so I could screw up the courage to just say go!

- Folsom, CA
Tue, 06 Jan 2015

I need to quit reading books on minimalism and decluttering because I do this naturally. This book had some good ideas but nothing terribly innovative.

- Portsmouth, RI
Thu, 29 Nov 2018

Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health, and Creativity
Have started going through things we don't use and haven't in the past 10 years-time to get rid of them.
Attacked the fabric pile and making winter quilts for the windows to help keep the high cost of electricity and heat down a bit more.
Have been saving up nautical prints for the past almost 19 years, time to use them. Every season I find myself going through clothes no longer worn and donating them.
Looking forward to other tips by reading this book.
Like the explanation the author gives on what's important in your life-not live by how others do.
Great ideas for getitng rid of sentimental and keepsake items-think i will take pictures of them then i will always have them.
Like the stories along the way from many others. Resources are listed at the end.

- Durban, 02, South Africa
Thu, 09 Nov 2017

Well-written and logical
All your question on minimalism can be answered with this book (or most of them). Every chapter follows on in a logical manner from the next. So, if you have a question that leaves an impression on your mind in chapter 1, chapter 2 will begin by immediately addressing that question. I truly enjoy books that have a logical flow.
If you feel that minimalism of the physical space you occupy is too extreme, this book will still be suitable for you, because it also places emphasis on minimalism of the mind.
It really is suitable for everyone, and I definitely recommend it. A great piece of work!

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