Schizophrenic God?: Finding Reality in Conflict, Confusion, and Contradiction Book Pdf ePub

Schizophrenic God?: Finding Reality in Conflict, Confusion, and Contradiction

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Published 17 Jan 2012
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Destiny Image

Schizophrenic God? uncovers the myth of extreme sovereignty and invites you into a deeper biblical understanding of God’s nature and His sovereign will.Have you ever wondered:·                      Why does a good God allow evil?·                      Is God really sovereign if He doesn’t control all events?·                      Why do good people suffer?·                      Is God or satan punishing me?The answers to these questions and many others are revealed in this book, which compares false traditional beliefs with Jesus’ worldview—removing confusion that blocks God’s will for your life. Schizophrenic God? is a close look at fate and free will. Has God predetermined everything that happens in your life, or do your own free-will decisions help determine your destiny? You will be challenged to rethink the assumptions you have made about God, which brings comfort and empowerment in the truths of a good God, human choice, and the prayer of faith that changes things.                Rest assured—you do not serve a schizophrenic Father.

"Schizophrenic God?: Finding Reality in Conflict, Confusion, and Contradiction" Reviews

deloris irby
- The United States
Wed, 05 Jul 2017

An Awakening
From a quote in the book from chapter 15, that caught my attention: Don't let the questions you can't answer destroy the foundation of the truth you already know.

- Delavan, WI
Fri, 15 May 2015

I only made through half of this book. That was more than enough. It takes on the concept of pain and evil existing in the world. How could a good god create evil. There's nothing new in his apologetics. God, he argues, created free choice. Evil exists by men and angels making bad choices. That will satisfy the believers who read it and will still leave those who question scratching their heads. Where did these bad choices come from? And if God knew the choices his creation would make before they did, who is really responsible? The author goes on to explain that our problem is that we use our reason and thinking rather than just taking God's Word unquestioningly. Excuse me? First of all, God's Word is contradictory at worst and vague at best. People have been warring about what it really says for years. Our reason is the only way of sorting things out. To blame THINKING for not understanding God is an insult to the God who gave us brains.

Debra Torgerson
- The United States
Mon, 31 Aug 2015

Is God Sovereign and what exactly does that mean?
I would recommend this book for people wanting to understand God's sovereignty better. I cannot say I agree 100% with everything but then how often does that happen anyway. He deals with questions many of us have and does use some stories to make his point and many scriptures. I really liked the chp on fear. This book is very insightful and I love that he has some teachings from some Church Fathers from many years ago Such wisdom is wonderful. One statement at the end is about getting back to Jesus. How we have left Jesus for our churchianity. So very true. How our world could be transformed by the truths in this book. Enjoy and think about what you read. Let's live in the truth of Jesus and leave the lies behind.

- Norfolk, VA
Sat, 25 Apr 2015

The only thing I got out of this book is the knowledge that there are people who still like to cherry pick from the pool of Biblical theology. The title was promising but the content was more of the same Arminian works righteousness mantra that has been preached for years. I had to stop about half way through the book and skim the the end. It was too narrow minded for my taste. The god purported in this book seems to be an out of control, hand wringing, weak and helpless god. The devil has his way and the god in this book cannot only look on and hope to see men change their own hearts.
There were some good points to consider, but those points were drowned out by the lack of a good biblical exegesis.

- Livonia, MI
Mon, 05 Dec 2016

This was a fascinating book for me. I have wrestled with the problem of evil and all the pain in this world and trying to reconcile this with a loving all-powerful God. The author provides compelling arguments contradicting the notion that God causes or allows all the bad stuff that happens to us. This book provided a great deal of food for thought, as well as some ideas for those who have a hard time believing in God because of all the pain and suffering we experience. All Christians should read this.

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