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The Eagle's Prey (Eagle, #5)

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Published 23 May 2005
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ISBN 0755301161

It is over a year since the Roman army landed on the shores of Britain. The savage warriors of the barbarian leader Caratacus continue to torment the legions. Emperor Claudius needs a victory to make his position secure. As the Romans gather on the eve of the battle they are confident that a final, decisive, blow will surely annihilate Caratacus, but the battle does not follow the expected course. The most ruthless army in the known world prepares to inflict dreadful punishment on the very men who could bring the long campaign in Britain to a triumphant conclusion.

"The Eagle's Prey (Eagle, #5)" Reviews

- Spain
Wed, 16 Apr 2014

-Bordeando el subgénero de la “aventura histórica”.-
Género. Novela histórica.
Lo que nos cuenta. Tras algo más de un año desde que Claudio decidió invadir y conquistar Britania para la Antigua Roma, los avances romanos no son todo lo rápidos que se esperaba debido a la enconada resistencia de los habitantes a ser romanizados con facilidad. Para destruir las fuerzas de uno de los líderes locales más activos, Carataco, se prepara una trampa en la que los centuriones Cato y Macro tendrán un papel importante, pero las cosas no salen como estaban previstas. Quinto libro de la serie de Quinto Licino Cato.
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- countryside , 4500, Switzerland
Sat, 22 Aug 2015

just brillant, once i started to read it i could not put it down. a good entertaining adventure with great battle scenes

- Dubai, 03, The United Arab Emirates
Mon, 14 May 2018

A really intriguing and fascinating look into Roman military justice mixed in with the usual battles and adventures of Marco and Cato.
Possibly the best book of the series so far.

- Tinsukia, 786146, India
Thu, 17 Aug 2017

Best book in the series yet, we are still in Briton but the challenges and situations faced by our two protagonists are very different. We still have the great strategic battles, realistic combat, political intrigue and funny dialogues but what I really loved about the book was the character development for both Cato & Marco, unexpected and so satisfying.
After reading Wikipedia on the Roman invasion of Briton, I realized the book is perfect mixture of historical facts and creative embellishment, the timeline, battle style, strategy, senior commanders and kings name are historically accurate, the adventure and the one on one fight are realistic and not mystically heroic. Only the two main protagonist Cato & Marco who are front line soldier are made up for enriching the plot and reading experience.

- Sandhurst, The United Kingdom
Wed, 30 Apr 2014

Still in Britain with Cato and Marco, still fighting Caratacus. Things go wrong for them in this one as Maximius, their tit of a second centurion makes a right cock up of a battle and lets Caratacus escape out of the Roman army's grasp. However it's Cato and some of his men that end up taking the blame. Due to be beaten to death by the rest of the men, Marco helps him escaspe and they flee to the marshes only to be captured by Caratacus. This is where we get to see a human side to Caratacus as in the rest of the books he has just been a faceless enemy, not for long though as it's soon back to battle. And a chance for Cato to redeem himself in the eyes of the army. I liked this book more than the others so far, it wasn't so battle heavy as the last ones and we also have a chance to see Cato and Marco apart. Good addition to the series.

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