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Everything You Wanted to Know About Stock Market Investing

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Published 01 Oct 2013
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Network 18 Publications
ISBN 938020096X

Despite the immense opportunity that the stock market offers, in terms of wealth creation, there are many investors who shy away from this instrument due to a perception that investing in stocks comes second only to rocket science in terms of degree of complexity. Everything you wanted to know about Stock Market Investing effectively dispels that notion. Using simple language, devoid of scary 'financial jargon', it covers all aspects of stock market investing and issues that are tangential too. From financial planning and the impact of inflation on investments, from equity investing strategies like top-down and bottom-up investing etc. to risk mitigation measures like value averaging, using market volatility, this book makes your knowledge on investing in stocks holistic. Everything you wanted to know about Stock Market Investing also goes beyond just explaining how markets work. With practical tips and illustrations, axioms, action points and test questions it prepares you for your practical journey into the world of stocks. The book not only helps the investor comprehend the nuances of equity investing for wealth buildup, it also helps the investor understand macroeconomic aspects and their impact on businesses, how to respond in times of panic, how to avoid being the victim of stock market scams and finally, how to compute equity investment returns before and after tax. It manages to transform the seemingly formidable task of stock investing into an enjoyable and rewarding exercise that leaves you wanting to know more and do more. It is most definitely the first step for the uninitiated and an actual trigger point for those who have been watching from the wings.

"Everything You Wanted to Know About Stock Market Investing" Reviews

- Pune, 411057, India
Sun, 01 Jan 2017

Guys!!! Finally!! I found a book which I can claim that will help you, unambiguously, into becoming rich!! Disclaimer: Only if you follow the steps given in the book though.;)
When I picked up this book I was a bit taken aback by the the title as claiming something so outrageous so audaciously doesn't go unnoticed. This book will tell you about almost everything that is concerned about stock markets especially exceptionally well to a layman. After reading the book, you''ll proudly be able to claim that you are not a layman in this subject anymore. It not only explains the jargons of trade but also advises you how to go about investing in what stock and for how much time. I'm giving a blurb of it now.
There are basically 2 types of analysis involved while investing which are:
Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis
Now what Fundamental analysis tells you are the fundamentals of a company. What are the Fundamentals of the company you ask? They are are the past performances of the company on various fronts which are very eloquently described in 3 documents released by the companies and they are: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and cash flow statements. With the help of these documents you do a comparison based analysis of the company through the financial ratios. The comparison of the company is done on 2 fronts namely, With its own historic performance and With the industry performance which effectively means comparison between its peers. This analysis will help you to pick up a stock which is fundamentally strong and which will be able to weather the economic storms with ease.
If fundamental analysis tells you which stocks to select, Technical Analysis will definitely tell you what price to enter into the stock. This particular type of analysis is still hazy for me as lot of mathematical diagrams and patterns are involved:( But there are people who have made millions just by continuously entering and exiting from the stock at the right moment. This analysis will help you to observe patterns, will explain you various situations and scenarios with technical graphs like candle stick and stuff like that. Its fun!!
You know what, I thought that I'm gonna be really rich by investing in stock markets and one of the basic reasons i used to think so was that because i used to think that there are no taxes levied:P:P Boy o Boy was i WRONG!!!! There are basically 6 types of expenses that you will have to incur while transacting a stock and they are:
1) Brokerage
2) Service Tax
3) STT (Securities transaction tax)
4) Turnover Tax
5) Stamp Duty
6) Capital Gains Tax.
Well I'm not gonna give away everything that's in the book so i'm leaving this thing for you to explore and interpret in your own way:)
A great man once said:
'Money talks in a specific language but the problem is, to us, it doesn't always makes sense'
Well people here i present you the dictionary to understand what money is talking about;)

- Delhi, 07, India
Thu, 17 Mar 2016

Good for Beginners!!!
1. The pages of the book are very good, glossy.
2. The font type and size is very good, easy to read. Spacing is also very good.
3. Chapters are very short about 12 pages each. Therefore easy to read and remember.
4. At the end of each chapter there is Summary, Action Points and Axioms which are very useful.
5. With every chapter your knowledge increases. You learn new terms.
6. It is very lucid and beautifully written book
7. A must for the absolute beginner
8. Below mentioned cons are minor and they are just listed for your information sake, don't be discouraged by them. Go Ahead and Buy this book.
1. I recieved this book with binding broken. The book was separated from its hard cover.
2. You can't use any pens even ball pen to mark on the book, as the pages are glossy. Ink spreads and spoils the pages. You must use a pencil.
3. It doesn't explain terms used in the book like G sec, gilt instrument, HUF, escrow a/c, preferential issue, T+1, hedge funds, OFS, stop loss, CRR, Repo rates, Futures, Options, R&T agent, Return on Assets (ROA), promoter, conversion of warrants, delisting, open offer, paid-up capital, F&O Segment.
4. I would have liked a separate chapter on Derivatives, Intra-day trading.
5. I would like to have a separate chapter on online resources for further learning and sharekhan and also and softwares, Database used to track share market.
6. I would have liked a separate chapter on how to be a stock broker.
7. I would have liked information on how to go about floating an IPO for a company.
8. Term SIP is used in almost every chapter but not explained. They have a separate book on SIP, probably that's why they don't discuss this topic.
9. They have separate book on Financial Terms used probably that's why they don't explain too many terms.
10. They have a separate book on Financial Planning, probably that's why they don't go deep on these topics.
11. There are not tips and tricks of the Stock Gurus and Masters which you must follow while investing in stock market like Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham's method of selecting value stocks. It should also have Boston Matrix.
12. There are no real life examples of companies and investors.
13. There is no useful information like Appendix, Glossary, Bibliography at the end of book.
14. There are no chapter numbers in the book. While the reader is referred to chapter numbers in the text of chapters.
15. Page 105, end with a comma and then a new topic starts
16. Page 124 and Page 166, 20 is divided by 30 or 20/30, the result is shown as 0.50
17. After Reading this book I have reached the conclusion that I will never invest in stock market. If you invest in stock market a) You have to be extremely money minded b) You have to be calculative c) You have to do research yourself periodically d) You can't invest and forget e) You have to invest for a very long time f) It is most risky of all investments.
18. Whereas in Fixed Deposits you can invest and forget. And it's the safest.

- India
Thu, 02 Feb 2017

Usually, I don't write reviews about anything. But after reading this book I can't stop myself from writing this review.This is the best book about stock market I have ever come across.
Every person who wants's to invest in stock market or learn about investing should read it.It takes you from every concept of investing like they are teaching a kid alphabets.
At the end of every chapter, there is a summary, action point, axioms about the things explained in the chapter.
Amazing piece of work from CNBC TV 18.

- India
Sun, 03 Jul 2016

the most shit book i have ever read :P

- Udaipur, 16, India
Wed, 03 Feb 2016

If you are investing for the first time, this book can introduce you to stock markets. It is for beginners; so people who already have exposure to stock markets -Don't waste time.

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