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The Italian's Christmas Housekeeper

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Published 16 Oct 2018
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Format Mass Market Paperback
Publisher Harlequin Presents Large Print
ISBN 1335504788

From making the billionaire’s bed…
To Christmas between his sheets!
Shy housekeeper Molly Millar always tries her best. She’s anxious to impress outrageously wealthy houseguest Salvio de Gennaro, but instead is unfairly criticized by her employer! When she’s found sobbing by Salvio, he comforts her…with the most amazing experience of her life. But when that incredible encounter costs Molly her job, Salvio rescues her with an irresistible proposition: become his temporary housekeeper—just in time for Christmas!
Escape into this captivating Cinderella romance!

"The Italian's Christmas Housekeeper" Reviews

Carrie (The Butterfly Reader)
Fri, 07 Sep 2018

Thanks to NetGalley for this title in exchange for an honest review.
Okay, something I just want to say that, it's really me nit picking but it bothers me deeply. Through this whole novel almost... it's known that the main character is curvy.... the way some character characters go on about her it's more like she's overweight... does that cover model even look curvy at all? Not not me, she's just as thin as any other model on these kinds of books and that doesn't bother me, the thin models.... what bothers me is in this book, the MC isn't a skinny chick, so the cover model should fit the MC. At least in my opinion.
Anyway! Now to the story, it was a cute little romance read, it said something about a Cinderella tell but the prince in this story is a little more.... mean than the Disney tale we all know and love. He has his reasons to be the way he is and we do learn them and it all makes sense but I still feel so freaking bad for our girl, having to deal with all this heartache till it all works out.
The writing is perfectly fine, easy to follow, the romance does build up, at least on the part of our prince, it hits our girl pretty early but girls are usually better with their emotions than guys, so that all made sense to me.
Overall, it's a cute read that will bring tears to your eyes but leave you with a bright smile on your lips.

- Liverpool, NS, Canada
Sat, 01 Dec 2018

Sweet housekeeper/tycoon romance that started with a one night stand and ended in marriage. But you knew that already.
There's nothing new here, but that's okay. I would classify this as a comfort read. The virgin heroine is sweet without being a total doormat. Hero is a nurturing alpha. Sharon Kendrick's writing goes down as easily as hot chocolate.
See Ivy's review for all the details.

- Annapolis, MD
Wed, 10 Oct 2018

I could have sworn I've read several variations of this theme.
Overweight housekeeper (let's be honest, being fat in HP world is probably UK size 10), gorgeous alpha (itc, an ex-footballer turned mogul), one-night stand leads to baby, love ever after. Still, quite enjoyable

- Brooklyn, NY
Mon, 19 Nov 2018

I love Christmas. And I love HP’s. But it’s rare to find a good Christmas HP. This one was ok. It wasn’t the greatest but it was satisfying.
The h was a maid at the home the H was visiting. She was the chubby, wholesome, innocent virgin and he was the hot, sexy, Italian ex-soccer god turned billionaire. He seduced her. Her bitchy boss found out and fired her because the H wanted the housekeeper and not the scary, married, witch.
The h got pregnant from their one night stand. She took a temporary job working at the H’s house when his housekeeper had an emergency. He found out she was pregnant. A MOC and all the associated drama ensues.
This book was the equivalent of watching one of those cheesy Christmas love stories on the Hallmark channel. It was awful, but it’s christmasy so you suspend your belief and relish it for a couple of hours. It’s not great, but leaves you satisfied.

- Trinidad and Tobago
Wed, 10 Oct 2018

3.5 stars.
And that's how the MC's are brought together in this novel. It's a bit reminiscent of the vintage HP's because the H has some serious assholish tendencies. However, the author tempers his mean streak with a good dose of kindness and inherent humanity that was often lacking in the old school asshole hunks. The novel opens with the narrative being viewed via the H's POV. Salvio De Gennaro ( full name Salvatore ) is a former professional footballer ( soccer ) who is now a billionaire property/investments tycoon. He's visiting Lord and Lady Avery's Cornish estate in order to conduct some business, when he meets the heroine Molly Miller. Molly is the long suffering, overworked housekeeper/chef for the Avery's and she's spent her entire adult life caring for her terminally ill mother and then for her wayward, selfish younger brother Robbie.
This is the H, Salvio ( Salvatore )
And this is the heroine, Molly:
Neither MC is looking for love. The H has been burnt by that emotion since his former fiancee, Lauren, had dumped him when he'd declared bankruptcy, after his manager had absconded with most of his money. His predicament, at that time, had been worsened by the fact that he'd been suffering from a career ending leg injury. Molly, on the other hand, believes that her life is destined to be a loveless one filled with boring drudgery, because she's taken it upon herself to pay off her brother's gambling debts. After all, not many men will choose to saddle themselves with a woman whose salary is tied up with a relative's long term debt payments.
Salvio's not enjoying his visit because the plastic fantastic Lady Avery, who's at least 15 years older, is flirting with him at every opportunity. Lady Avery is the classic type of trash princess socialite who'll be perfect for one of those tacky Real Housewives reality shows: she is botoxed to the limit and can't smile properly since her duck lips are rubbery looking and super inflated with lip fillers. Lol. She's also uncaring of the fact that she's lusting after the H right in front of her oblivious elderly husband. Salvio, however, finds her tacky, mean, classless, unattractive and distasteful. His old fashioned, patriarchal Neapolitan principles are offended by her blatant willingness to commit adultery. She's also a proud homewrecker who boasts about how Lord Avery fell in love with her and divorced his first wife.
The heroine is worked to the bone by Lady Avery, who also treats her with ridicule, contempt and disrespect. Molly puts up with all of it because she's well paid and has a roof over her head. Salvio's lust is kicked into overdrive when he sees Molly because her voluptuous curves and earthy wholesome beauty remind him of the women he used to be infatuated with back in Naples when he'd hit puberty. She's the polar opposite of the tall, elegant and model slim women who are a part of his current world. But, as is usual with introverted heroines, Molly's very insecure about her physical appearance and Lady Avery's nasty gibes don't remedy the heroine's low self esteem issues. It is seriously annoying and pitiful that some women can only uplift themselves, and their own standards of beauty, by denigrating others.
The MC's end up in bed after the H comforts a crying Molly; the heroine had been the convenient scapegoat for Lady Avery's bullying after the H had declined the hagwitch's not so subtle offer to polish his penis. They end up engaging in multiple rounds of hot sex and both agree that it's just going to be a one night stand. Salvio ends up leaving early the following morning, in an effort to avoid another encounter with the hagwitch. Molly, however, is not so fortunate; the hagwitch was waiting right outside Salvio's guest bedroom when the heroines leaves to return to her own bedchamber !
The heroine ends up being bullied and overworked even more, because Lady Avery is filled with jealous envy that Salvio had refused her plastic charms and fallen into Molly's arms instead. Molly tolerates all the bullying because she has no option but even she miscalculates the extent of Lady A's maliciousness. The nauseating hagwitch waits until a few days before Christmas, before ceremoniously firing her without giving extended notice. Lady A even states that her reason for sacking Molly is all due to the fact that he preferred the heroine. Lady Avery doesn't count as an OW since the H wasn't interested in her, but she's right up there with those vile ladies who have made life hell for heroines in HPlandia. What's even more awful is that she gets no comeuppance for her behaviour and is never mentioned again. I think she deserved a harsh bitch slap !
Molly ends up getting hired to work as Salvio's temporary housekeeper in the Cotswolds after his permanent employee has a family emergency. This is when the H undergoes a 180 degree personality change from the kind, comforting and solicitous lover she'd known in Cornwwall to the rude and mean stranger who's her temporary employer; his assholery knows no bounds and he accuses Molly of trying to ingratiate herself and wheedle her way into his life again. The entire tone of the storyline changes dramatically from this point onwards and the angst factor is amped up as well. This actually made the story more entertaining for me because Salvio's assholery reminded me of the way many of the old school H's behaved and I've recently become addicted to the vintage trainwrecky HP's. Lol. One of Salvio's cruellest comments occurs when he accuses the pregnant Molly of having plotted to trap him:
‘You think I pretended to cry? That I deliberately got myself pregnant to get you to pay off my brother’s debts? That I would cold-bloodedly use my baby as a bargaining tool?’
‘No, I’m not saying that. But I do think that fate has played right into your hardworking little hands,’ he said slowly. ‘Don’t you?’
Her voice was shaking as she shook her head. ‘No. No, I don’t.’

I couldn't believe this was the same guy who'd been so sweet and sexy to Molly ! But it did provide for a great deal of entertaining OTT drama...
Salvio, to give him some credit, doesn't demand a DNA test and he proposes to Molly. The awed heroine gets the usual makeover, which includes the right type of outfits that complement her voluptuous figure. Then it's off to Italy to meet the future in laws. The MC's relationship improves slowly but everything is once again derailed after Molly has a miscarriage and the donkey douchebag implies that she probably hadn't been pregnant to begin with ! It's only when Molly threatens to leave his ass that he finally starts to communicate with her and proposes to her again. Salvio was a very complicated character because of his inability to trust any female. I think he'd been in love with Molly when he proposed the second time, after her miscarriage but he'd still been living in denial of his feelings at that time.
The MC's are only reconciled to their final HEA after Molly dumps him when her brother sent her email of a paparazzi article which showed Salvio sitting in a restaurant with his former fiancee, Lauren. The H had previously admitted to having been in love with Lauren when he'd been in his 20's, so Molly thought that he'd reunited with the woman. The truth was that his feelings for Lauren had been the youthful idealistic fancies of an immature football star, who was blinded by his newfound wealth and fame:
‘No. Please. Let me finish,’ he said and his voice was shaking now. ‘You need to understand that all this is true, because there is no way I would say it if it wasn’t.’ His black eyes raked over her. ‘Do you believe me, Molly? That I would walk to the ends of the earth for you and further, if that’s what you wanted? And that I love you in a way I’ve never loved before?’
The epilogue is lovely since it is set at Christmastime again and the MC's have a 10 month old son called Marco. Molly's a lot more confident and Salvio's more lovable and no longer an asshole:
He stroked his fingers through her hair. ‘It’s because I love you, Molly. You’re so easy to love.’
‘And so are you. At least, you are now,’ she added darkly.
He laughed. ‘Was I such a terrible man before?’ ‘Terrible,’ she agreed, mock-seriously.

Safety: No cheating, no OW, no OM and the MC's are both celibate during their separation.