Claiming the Enemy: Dustin (Porter Brothers Trilogy, #3) Book Pdf ePub

Claiming the Enemy: Dustin (Porter Brothers Trilogy, #3)

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Published 30 Sep 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Young Ink Press

The Porter brothers were raised to live and die by Three Rules.
One, a Porter always keeps what’s his.
Two, a Porter stands his ground.
Three …
Dustin never had to search for his true love. They used to play and get in trouble together, shared a playpen, and their mothers used to be best friends. But that was before their fathers made them enemies and changed the course of their lives. Now the Porters stayed on their side of the mountain while the Hayes stayed on theirs.
Believing it was easier to coexist as frenemies with Jessie Hayes rather than changing the Porter stubborn ways, Dustin was content with booty calls, raising his son, and growing weed as a side business … until he heard her screams. Now he was going to show a murderer just how much they had underestimated this Porter brother. And he was going to have to break his father’s last rule: Leave no enemy standing … to claim the enemy that held his heart.
This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older. Please do not buy if strong sexual situations, rape, violence, drugs, child abuse, and explicit language offends you.

"Claiming the Enemy: Dustin (Porter Brothers Trilogy, #3)" Reviews

- The United States
Tue, 19 Mar 2019

Okay, JB is still staying away from STD sex and changing sex partners with this one, thank you VERY much, but it lacks the charm and sweetness of the Standing His Ground: Greer. Greer is still the strongest and funniest presence in this book, stomping and bellowing his way through this one with his beleaguered bride who has learned how to handle him. The spirit of Diana Palmer is strong in books 2 and 3 in this series.
Then there are the hero and heroine. Umm Dustin and Jessie. Zzzzzz. Kind of bland. Childhood friends/sweethearts, bad parenting rips them apart where the H grows up and gets a skanky bee-yotch pregnant in drama in one of The Last Riders books, supposedly sleeps his pain away all the while keeping the heroine sacred in his heart. Barf. Meanwhile, the h channels virginal Sainthood, opens a Preschool, and pines for the hero for all the firsts they should share.
With the skanky bee-yotch dead and raising his plot moppet, the H is really not much of a manwhore, more of a tired single Dad in a small-town full of hungry women.
Begley lost me when she uses the murder of one woman and the rape of the heroine as the catalyst for stupid Dustin to realize that the h has been in his heart as his number one all these decades years. No bueno. The discovery of the murderer/rapist was awkward and out of left field, plus with all the Last Riders hanging around for cameos they really should have hauled the bad guy off for some serious retribution.
The discovery of the murderer is not the end. We have another supernatural subplot that doesn’t work near as well as the one in Standing His Ground: Greer, but is some of the best part of this book. Some poignant and nice moments are the family coming together and solving a huge problem in a uniquely sweet way. Bottom line, the true hero of this book is Ema, Cash and Rachel's little girl.
Summary of why it didn't work. One that will trigger rage for readers of The Last Riders series.
1. Boring and bland romance between the H and h.
2. Rape of the virginal victim with no therapy other than yelling at her idiot, hillbilly brothers and snuggling with the hero. Only after she’s told him she can never see him again.
3. Lastly, the sanitization of St. Bliss, all around good friend, loving trophy wife and preschool worker. PRESCHOOL WORKER?

Sat, 29 Sep 2018

1 star for the cover.
Le sigh, where do I even begin.
- H/h were best friends since babies and each other’s first love before they even knew what it meant
- H pushed away h coz their dads are enemies and H just did what every JB H has ever done, sleep around
- H fell in love with someone else, got ow preggy, married ow, didn’t have the means to fight for ow coz ow’s father was against their rel, ow gave birth to their son without H knowing
- More sleeping around when H reunited with lost son, even sent son to heroine’s daycare
- Meanwhile all these years since H pushed her away, heroine has been carrying a torch for H forever, she saved her virginity and first kiss etc, never dated
- Here’s the kicker, she got assaulted and raped
- after H found her in the woods, H thought he now could not live without her...
- I can’t believe how quickly they had a ‘friendship’ after all that crap with H being a manwhore who never reached out to her before and with her getting brutally assaulted
Like seriously?? There is nothing to recommend Dustin.. he was even so adamant he did not want to get married and a, Dustin has stated several times that he did not regret falling in love with ow coz he got a son.. and all that time heroine was actually a witness of H’s young love affair with ow, seeing them date and all.
So how can he say heroine is his only love.. blech! apparently, later on heroine found old letters from young Dustin asking to marry him.. she found them after they got married due to a super contrived drama of Dustin having brain tumor.. blaaaah!
Heroine deserved to meet someone else, and fall in love with someone else.. preferably someone outside Treepoint
So anyway, blech! I hope Gavin’s (Last Rider) story is much nicer.. less whoring around and no loving ow bullshit (tough luck coz he had an ex fiancée). I shouldn’t keep my hopes up.

- The United States
Fri, 28 Aug 2015

Re-read May 26, 2019
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Dustin is definitely the calm Porter brother but he still has that wild and crazy personality that the Porter's are known for. I loved seeing that insanity turn into more of caring and sweetness and getting to see him finally taking what he wanted. He was so calm and patient with Jessie that it had me swooning big time.
And of course through all of that cuteness that he brought to the story there was still a good amount of humor from how insane all of the Porters can be. The combination of the sweet parts with the funny and even the heartbreaking ones was very well done and had me enjoying this story from start to finish.

Alpha Possessive Heroes
Thu, 27 Aug 2015

Gotta say, I'm not so excited about Dustin's story. He's not as interesting and ott alpha like his brothers. Anyways.. I wonder who's the heroine here? ;)

Fri, 28 Aug 2015

Slow start.
Zero chemistry.
Lack of romance.
Lack of sex scenes (odd considering the abundance in previous books!) Then a weird turn of events that had me eye rolling.
Not an enjoyable read.

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