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Kiss Me Like You Mean It (Valentine's Inc. #1)

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Published 14 Jan 2019
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Format Kindle Edition
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Valentine's Inc. Book 1.

"When he kisses me, I feel like I’m home. Like I’ve found something I’ve been looking for my entire life.”

When a huge investor says his company is interested in funding Clay's latest project he's thrilled. At least he is until he realizes the investor not only believes Clay is gay but wants him to bring his boyfriend along on a Valentine’s Day ski weekend to pitch the project to the rest of the board.
When Trevor’s best friend Cassie tells him she can’t find anyone to go on a ski weekend with Valentine’s Inc.‘s newest client he agrees to go. After all, he owes Cassie big time and her job as the matchmaking services branch manager means a lot to her. Plus, it won’t hurt him to pretend to be a straight guys boyfriend for a weekend if it gets him a free ski trip, right?
Trevor is the perfect boyfriend, and it isn’t long before the lines between pretend and real blur causing Clay to wonder if maybe he isn’t quite as straight as he always assumed he was. Neither man is sure what is real and what’s for show, but one thing Trevor knows is that when Clay kisses him it doesn’t feel pretend at all; when he kisses him it feels like he means it.

"Kiss Me Like You Mean It (Valentine's Inc. #1)" Reviews

- Edmonton, AB, Canada
Tue, 15 Jan 2019

When a lie becomes the truth and brings two men their perfect partner. Clayton needs a boyfriend, but it has to be fake since he's straight. Trevor is bored during the winter season so he helps out and takes the gig. What should have been a fun trip of skiing and pretending for a hot, fun, nice guy turns into something far more than Trevor signed up for. Clayton isn't prepared for everything Trevor makes him feel, especially when the kisses aren't even in view of his audience. The problem? He means it. Does Trevor?
Holy sweet tenderness and steam! I'm in love. Seriously. 5 sweet and fluffy stars with a tablespoon of steam to amp it up. Everything is completely effortless with zero angst and nothing to truly tear them apart. One might argue that this was too simple, I argue that it's perfect for a quick and steamy read for the sappiest of all holidays. Through Trevor's care and attention to detail Clay felt appreciated, cared for, and happy. None of his efforts were appreciated by his ex, but the circumstances allowed him to let it all out. Turns out that was the best thing he could have done because Clay soaked it up. Clay was comfortable, honest, eager, and observant as well. They made the best match and I loved that it was Clay that reassured Trevor when mentions of the future were stumbled upon. And that Trevor decided to be the kind of boyfriend he always wanted to be rather than holding himself in reserve the way we see many fake relationship trope stories begin. Written well with awesome flow, no conflict, and a supportive cast that rounded it all out, I'm completely won over.

Dawn Nicole
- Massapequa Park, NY
Thu, 10 Jan 2019

What a great short story!!
It was just a little too quick for me. I WANT MORE! What started out as a fake relationship turned into so much more.....
Jacki James made me fall for Trevor and Clay just as fast as they fell for each other! Kiss me like you mean it was a whirlwind romance from start to finish. As quick as it was, Jacki gave us so much storyline. As well as, a lot of character depth. I loved these guys! They were so sweet with each other. They immediately bonded and formed a friendship first. While learning about each other their attraction grew. The way Trevor cared for Clay made me swoon. While Clay's vulnerability made my stomach flip. I found them to be perfect!! The secondary characters were just as charming and fun.
I loved the entire vibe of this story. I can only hope that Jacki will give us more of them in the future. If you are looking for something to make you smile read this story!

- New York, NY
Sun, 03 Feb 2019

Super cute and sweet fake boyfriend book about Clayton and Trevor. This is part of the lovely Valentine's Inc series. Valentine's Inc is a company that provides dates/escorts/matchmaking services. Nicely written with some surprising emotional and character depth. Loved Trevor. Knows who he is and owns it. Clay - a bit confused but I loved this line from his business partner “Well, you know gay and straight aren’t your only options. There’s a whole array of sexual orientations to choose from, and more than one of them means you can like both men and women.” Good short but sweet sexy bits and excellent writing.

Fri, 15 Feb 2019

4.5 stars
A friend of mine sent me this series and asked me not to skip them.
I am extremely grateful for that. I loved this one. How I wish Clay, Trevor and every other sweet characters in the story was real. It was a short story yet very sweet and admirable. Kudos to the author for keeping it real.
My only complain is that the story was too short. I can always have more Clay and Trevor in my reading life.

Tue, 15 Jan 2019

Fake it to make it.
Wheeler told his ex he was gay to break it off with her, but now he's trying to get her family to invest in his company, and he needs a date for Valentine's weekend.
Trevor is bored. It's the down season for work, and he's mostly been stuck on his boat. When his bff needs a guy to fill in as a fake boyfriend for the weekend, he volunteers. At least a free ski trip will get him out of the house.
But when their chemistry is off the charts, and they seem to fit like puzzle pieces, will they be able to move past the fake and straight labels to find something real. Super cute boys getting cozy cuddles in front of the fireplace? Yes, please.

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