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Handa's Surprise: Read and Share

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Published 01 Sep 1999
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Format Paperback
Publisher Candlewick Press
ISBN 0763608637

Handa carries seven delicious fruits to her friend Akeyo as a surprise But thanks to some hungry animals she meets along the way it's Handa who's in for a surprise! --cover
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"Handa's Surprise: Read and Share" Reviews

- London, H9, The United Kingdom
Thu, 08 Sep 2011

Handa's Surprise is a book about a Kenyan girl (Handa) who visits her friend with a basket full of seven different fruits as presents. Along the way to Akeyo's village, Handa contemplates which fruit Akeyo will like the best. However, each time Handa thinks about a certain fruit an animal pops along and takes that particular fruit. For example a monkey steals the banana. Unaware that various animals have taken these tropical fruits, Handa contiunes along her journey, at which point a goat bumps into a tree and a bunch of tangerines fall into Handa's basket. Much to Handa's Surprise Tangerines are Akeyo's favourite fruit.
This book works because it has a multicultural theme. Eileen Browne does a magnificant job incorporating various themese of Africa into one book. For example she includes tropical fruits such as guava and various African animals such as an Ostrich, Monkey, Parrot, Zebra and so on. Furthermore, there are other underlying African themes, such as the clothes the girls wear, walking to Akeyo's village instead of travelling by car and giving fruits as presents instead of toys.
This book would be a good resource for Primary teachers in Key Stage One. as it can be used for role-playing games, methods for understanding other cultures, subtraction, and naming unknown fruits and animals. What is more essential is that Handa's Surprise is one of few bilingual books and comes in various languages, thus it can be used as a strategy to help EAL learners.

- Bexley, A6, The United Kingdom
Thu, 01 Aug 2013

“Handa’s Surprise”, a vibrantly illustrated picture book, tells the story of one little girl’s walk to see her best friend, Akeyo. Each page details Handa’s journey and depicts a glimpse of tribal life in South West Kenya. The animals featured are brilliantly drawn and brought to life through colour and comedy. One can almost imagine them having personalities of their own. The twist at the end of Handa’s journey really is a great surprise!
This book encapsulates the idea that ‘less is more’. The simple text and the descriptive pictures, are what I believe are the key features that lend to the brilliance of this book.
A versatile book, that is probably best utilised for foundation and year one, ages 4-6. In literacy lessons this would definitely be a great book to read aloud to the class. It is a book to engage the imagination, develop discussion and instigate creative writing. A great cross-curricular book which could be utilised in many lessons in: Math by counting the different types of fruit and animals, Geography for learning about Africa and using maps and PSHE for discussing friendships. This list is not exhaustive. I will definitely want to share this book with the children in my class.

- London, H9, The United Kingdom
Tue, 29 Jan 2013

This book in South-West Kenya, though this isn't mentioned in the story. It sees a young girl, Handa pick seven types of tropical fruit with the intention of taking them to her friend, Akeyo.
As she carries the basket on her head to her friends house, various animals steal the fruits, piece by piece but an accident results in her arriving with a basket full of tangerines which are incidentally Akeyo's favourite fruit.
The book uses relatively simple language and could probably be read independently by a six or seven year old. This said, it uses a variety of punctuation marks which could possibly used as a platform for a more advanced lesson.
It has lovely illustrations and could be used to introduce children to different types of fruit or animals as part of an art or geography lesson.
The only danger with using this book in geography would by that children might deveop an over-simplified view of Kenya or Africa as a whole, but as long as it was used in conjunction with other materials representative of the area, it would be a valuable tool in engaging a class.

- Flinders, 05, Australia
Mon, 13 Oct 2014

It's funny how a lot of white people (yes I know I am white too) love this book because they think it is all respectful of an "other" culture and stuff. It is a fun book, but it sort of makes an exotic spectacle of Handa like the exotic animals and fruits in the book.
I don't want to blame the author for that, because among many other books perhaps there is a place for more exotic settings and colourful, celebratory difference. From an anti-racist perspective though (which is what people often want to use it for) by itself it makes too much of the difference and not enough of the relatability.
I like Handa and her awesome hairstyle, I am not saying throw out this book. But I prefer to see a less exoticised view of other cultures, places and peoples.

- Greeley, CO
Mon, 16 Oct 2017

This is such a cute book! It is short and simple, but would be a really good book to read to younger students in kindergarten and first grade. The main character is an African-American girl, which makes it a good book if you are looking to make your classroom's book selection more culturally diverse. I loved the illustrations in this book, they are super detailed and colorful. Since there isn't many words in this book, the pictures are super important for showing what is happening as the story progresses. It is important to include books in the classroom that have different culture backgrounds, since I want to be an ESL teacher, the students I will be teaching will have a variety of culturally diverse backgrounds, so it is super important to have books that students can see themselves in. I would highly recommend this book and I will use it if I become a kindergarten or first grade teacher.

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