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By the Seat of My Pants: Humorous Tales of Travel and Misadventure

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Published 01 Aug 2005
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Format Paperback
Publisher Lonely Planet Publications
ISBN 1741046068

Lonely Planet knows that some of life's funniest experiences happen on the road. Whether they take the form of unexpected detours, unintended adventures, unidentifiable dinners or unforgettable encounters, these experiences can give birth to our most profound travel lessons and illuminations, and our most memorable - and hilarious - travel stories. This collection presents 31 globe-girdling tales that run the gamut from close-encounter safaris to loss-of-face follies, hair-raising rides to culture-leaping brides, eccentric expats to mind-boggling repasts, wrong roads taken to agreements mistaken. The collection brings together some of the world's most renowned travelers and storytellers with previously unpublished writers.

"By the Seat of My Pants: Humorous Tales of Travel and Misadventure" Reviews

- The United States
Fri, 06 Jul 2018

A mostly meh collection of short travel stories; a few stood out, but most were the kind that are readable but almost instantly forgotten. I’m deducting an extra star because, for reasons unclear to me, this supposedly humorous travel anthology ends on a depressing story about racism and death in Australia.

- The United States
Mon, 22 May 2017

Like any road trip, this book had its ups and downs. But unfortunately, there were more downs than ups.
I read one other Lonely Planet travel anthology earlier this year, "A Moveable Feast", and I found that to be infinitely better. The difference in quality between that anthology, in which almost every story was a winner, and this anthology, in which over half of the included stories are duds, is bizarre considering both books share the same editor.
There are some particularly egregious stories here, sadly too many to mention, that are little more than exercises in self-promotion, but there are also a few delightful stories that deserve highlighting. These are as follows:
1. "Wangara's Cross" by Joshua Clark
2. "An Idyll in Ibiza" by Karl Toro Greenfeld
3. "Left Luggage" by Jeff Greenwald
4. "An Award-Winning Performance" by Deborah Steg
5. "Coming to America" by Amanda Jones
6. "The Prince and I" by Kathie Kertesz
6 stories out of a total of 31. That's pretty sad.

- Camp Hill, PA
Wed, 24 Jan 2018

I loved these short stories of world travel. One was set entirely in Lucca, Italy. Another was about flying with a snake into Italy. How about the love story of a young woman from New Zealand going to America? Too many great stories to mention. Sure, some were ordinary, but the good far outweighed the bad.
I borrowed this book from a great little B and B in Virginia. With the innkeeper's permission, I brought it home, put it at my bedside, and read a story a night when I had nothing else to read. It is a gem!

- Halifax, VA
Sun, 30 Jul 2017

Some of the strangest things that have happened in my life have taken place while I've been traveling and these tales of the adventures of others validate my experiences. Some of these tales are just strange, some made me cringe, while others had me laughing uncontrollably. An interesting look into the unexpected situations in which travelers find themselves.

- Durham, The United Kingdom
Thu, 16 Aug 2018

An excellent book, definitely something for everyone in this.
Short tales from experienced and newbie travellers, funny and serious, experiences to be learned from - either to be repeated or avoided at all costs!
The short introductions to the authors is a great touch.

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